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Asyikin Alliman
Sweet 21
Ex-student of uitm.
Account students


Love is hard

Hye peeps. Hmm. Blabla. Forget all the mukadimah. -______________-'

It is hard if you cant express your feeling to someone you like.
Is it love? like?
When someone from such a long time approach you, when we talked back what happened on the long time. When share about all the matters happened in our life. Ugh. Sigh.

SO UNCOOL asyikin .

The person from long time, which I never met.
Finally we meet in this present time. He is UNDESCRIBE.
I just like for what he are. Hmm.
To undescribe person:

I dont know what kind of feeling I have to you, but for last 3 years, I am comfortable friends with you. But this time, I kind of feel different . I liking you more and more. You know what, it is really stressful, and I am kind of hurt when you don't whatspp me or more. I even cried for it.
Stupid LOL. I am 21 years old. Of course I can differentiate what kind of feel I have for you.

What I've done ,, I have my own reason. You ask me what kind of reason?
I tell you. I am scared to tell you, because it is afraid if u know u dont even want to friends with me anymore. AND of course it is stressful, cause I am a girl. It is ashamed for me to tell you I have feelings for you. I really really love you. Haih.

This is time for me to move on, cause I know we cant force people to like or love us. So what I am doing is FORGET THIS LOVE, befriends with you, never tell you this feelings. Happy like the old times.

Regardless of how many times we met, if we are meant to be. It is really are.
I love you. How much I want to tell you this.

She is childish. She dont even know how to comb or tie her hair. She is crazy . Love to talk a lot. Drama queen. But you, to be truth now I am not act.

Terminator? I love it too. But I need to forget this feeling person. Will always love u :*