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This is not love letter

Morning :)

This is gonna be a long long message to dearest you. ;)

From : 21 years old girl
To     : 28 years old guy

Keep reading it, I just want you to know what my heart speak.

"Dear u,
did you still remember how we got to know each other? Lol. Tak sangke kan, Between that time till this time I think it is like more than 3 years we have known each other. BUT for last few weeks that was our first meeting. Haha. I still remember how weird you are wearing that kind of mafla when we were skyping. How you play the danbo and the android kind of things, Hahaha, How old are you? And also you even wear your black spectacles. LOL. If i flashback that time, is is truly funny. When we talkk and talk till morning. Last few days, I need to confess to you what I really feel of you. Dear you, meeting you was a fate, becoming your friend was a choice but to fall in love with you was beyond my control. :/ I am sorry. To mess up our friendship. To gather this strength, it is really hard. When you got break with your gf, when you told me you are having difficult situation, when you sick at hospital for a month, when I told you what happened in my life, when you said words to me, to calm me. I am liking you even more. Refuse to believe it. And when first date , I know that is not gonna be the best date you ever had, But truthly, I am really enjoying it. You said I kuat membebel. Even my voice lagi kuat dari radio. Kan? Haha, Sorry, I just be who am I. Second date. I really love to say to you, how I miss you. Like you more and even more. You know we were having fun together. But the truth is , I do that cause I love you. Even you rejected me . Even you were just having fun with me. Even you hate me. It is okay, I can accept that :) Awak, you asked me to forget that feeling , You told me I will find someone better than you. There is long journey of mine. Youre 28 and I am 21. Bumi masih berputar, angin masih bertiup, oksigen masih ada, hidup mesti diteruskan. Anggap yang lepas pengalaman. I just wanna say, I am sorry for this childish feeling. But to me. Age is just a number, No one give a damn on that, Love is unconditional. There is no rules. But of course, it is fine with me if you said that, We can not force people to love us. Stay in our life, I just wanna sorry, did you ever heard of "you never really stop loving someone, you just learn to try to live without them". I am practice on that. :) To love you is beyond my control. Since I know the answer now, I will set this feeling free, It is fun to know you. I hope you will start your new life , you will never find way to start new life if you always turn back pages of your life. Dont worry this 21 years old girl just having fine time. She is really are! "

Goodbye, Till one day we met again as woman and man. :D