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Asyikin Alliman
Sweet 21
Ex-student of uitm.
Account students


This is not love letter

Morning :)

This is gonna be a long long message to dearest you. ;)

From : 21 years old girl
To     : 28 years old guy

Keep reading it, I just want you to know what my heart speak.

"Dear u,
did you still remember how we got to know each other? Lol. Tak sangke kan, Between that time till this time I think it is like more than 3 years we have known each other. BUT for last few weeks that was our first meeting. Haha. I still remember how weird you are wearing that kind of mafla when we were skyping. How you play the danbo and the android kind of things, Hahaha, How old are you? And also you even wear your black spectacles. LOL. If i flashback that time, is is truly funny. When we talkk and talk till morning. Last few days, I need to confess to you what I really feel of you. Dear you, meeting you was a fate, becoming your friend was a choice but to fall in love with you was beyond my control. :/ I am sorry. To mess up our friendship. To gather this strength, it is really hard. When you got break with your gf, when you told me you are having difficult situation, when you sick at hospital for a month, when I told you what happened in my life, when you said words to me, to calm me. I am liking you even more. Refuse to believe it. And when first date , I know that is not gonna be the best date you ever had, But truthly, I am really enjoying it. You said I kuat membebel. Even my voice lagi kuat dari radio. Kan? Haha, Sorry, I just be who am I. Second date. I really love to say to you, how I miss you. Like you more and even more. You know we were having fun together. But the truth is , I do that cause I love you. Even you rejected me . Even you were just having fun with me. Even you hate me. It is okay, I can accept that :) Awak, you asked me to forget that feeling , You told me I will find someone better than you. There is long journey of mine. Youre 28 and I am 21. Bumi masih berputar, angin masih bertiup, oksigen masih ada, hidup mesti diteruskan. Anggap yang lepas pengalaman. I just wanna say, I am sorry for this childish feeling. But to me. Age is just a number, No one give a damn on that, Love is unconditional. There is no rules. But of course, it is fine with me if you said that, We can not force people to love us. Stay in our life, I just wanna sorry, did you ever heard of "you never really stop loving someone, you just learn to try to live without them". I am practice on that. :) To love you is beyond my control. Since I know the answer now, I will set this feeling free, It is fun to know you. I hope you will start your new life , you will never find way to start new life if you always turn back pages of your life. Dont worry this 21 years old girl just having fine time. She is really are! "

Goodbye, Till one day we met again as woman and man. :D

Love is hard

Hye peeps. Hmm. Blabla. Forget all the mukadimah. -______________-'

It is hard if you cant express your feeling to someone you like.
Is it love? like?
When someone from such a long time approach you, when we talked back what happened on the long time. When share about all the matters happened in our life. Ugh. Sigh.

SO UNCOOL asyikin .

The person from long time, which I never met.
Finally we meet in this present time. He is UNDESCRIBE.
I just like for what he are. Hmm.
To undescribe person:

I dont know what kind of feeling I have to you, but for last 3 years, I am comfortable friends with you. But this time, I kind of feel different . I liking you more and more. You know what, it is really stressful, and I am kind of hurt when you don't whatspp me or more. I even cried for it.
Stupid LOL. I am 21 years old. Of course I can differentiate what kind of feel I have for you.

What I've done ,, I have my own reason. You ask me what kind of reason?
I tell you. I am scared to tell you, because it is afraid if u know u dont even want to friends with me anymore. AND of course it is stressful, cause I am a girl. It is ashamed for me to tell you I have feelings for you. I really really love you. Haih.

This is time for me to move on, cause I know we cant force people to like or love us. So what I am doing is FORGET THIS LOVE, befriends with you, never tell you this feelings. Happy like the old times.

Regardless of how many times we met, if we are meant to be. It is really are.
I love you. How much I want to tell you this.

She is childish. She dont even know how to comb or tie her hair. She is crazy . Love to talk a lot. Drama queen. But you, to be truth now I am not act.

Terminator? I love it too. But I need to forget this feeling person. Will always love u :*




Haaa, since ekin baru update this blog, lets reflash back what i've done. Vacay! Yippieee.
My short vacay with my super duper awesome lawak nak mapuih housemate is truly awesome!. Even bape ketul je yang ikut.-.-'

Yelah since my studies place is at tapah, memang dekat lah kan. Lalu jalan dalam. Its only take about one hour and half I think to went up there. Pi mane? Pi cameron highlands lah, Because one of my faveret girl, syisyi teringin sangat nk pi sane. One more thing about her, she super crazy over sayur . Kalau nampk sorang perempuan berlegar legar di pasar pegang sayur dengan banyaknye. Sape lagi? Syisyi lah namenye. She can eat a bowl of cabbage without mee, or nasi. Haahah.

So, that night actually, after final exam, sesaje lah perempuan nakal cm kami ni, lepak kedai mamak yang I think dah kenal sangat . Mane taknye after 12 pm pun melepak. Hahaha  . Yelahh bekalan makanan dah habis kan. Bebual punye bebual . Tetibe sape tah yang mention about this short vacay. ahahah. This short vacay is decided after 10 minutes perbualan, Gilekan?!

Mama adele, syisyi, mimok , wana,  mei, shia and my baba lukman join this short vacay. Best sangat. Kite org gerak tengah malam. Dapat enjoy the scenery up there. Banyak lampu cantik siyesss!! Nampak stars :* Love it. Haahah. Kesian mimok , pening. Mane taknye jalan selekoh tajam betul. Tapi paling best, kuarkan kaki kat lua tingkap. Hahaha sambil tengok stars up there. Beralaskan bahu syisyi. Muahahah. Well, tido sane kejap. Batak bile cakap kuar asap kat mulut acah acah kat oversea. Hahaha.

You know what guys. Tak kisahlah where ever youre going, its gonna be interesting place if you hang with crazy people. I really love these people. :*. Ade video kite org buat. hihihi. Enjoy! Muah.